Wedding Sangeet Parties

Indian Wedding is not only about serious rituals and customs rather it is also full of several fun filled rituals and frothy moments however among all the pre wedding celebrations Sangeet party is the most enjoyable one. It remains the most vibrant and fun part of an Indian wedding. Music is the soul of any wedding celebration and so the Sangeet function too is abound with enthusiastic dancing and singing coupled with the sound of live performances.

We cater to the needs of people who believe in making the marriage celebrations of their near & dear ones special by preparing a theme for the Sangeet party with the couple’s family and friends. We choreograph dances and skits, teaching them the right kind of moves and expressions. The numbers of songs to be trained are decided by the trainee and accordingly the duration of the training is determined.

We help you organize the function from the dance choreography to the skit, so that you don’t miss out on the smallest of details.

ER2 Academy

Ever wanted to dance but shy, because you dont know how to? What are you waiting for? Come join ER2 and unleash your potential to dance and have fun at the same time.

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