Dance is a sign of life that stirs us with its energy, it has no language, and it is an art which is enjoyed by everyone and ER2 is here to reach out to as many people as we can.

Dance helps you be social, express, motivate, communicate emotions, be optimistic and helps you develop most important skills of life like confidence, enthusiasm, passion and self esteem.

It also improves your posture, physical strength and develops co-ordination.

Dance has its own content, vocabulary, skills, and techniques, which must be understood and applied to be proficient in the art.

Dancing is important because it is part of us as humans,

We live! We Love! We Laugh! and We Dance!

ER2 Academy

Ever wanted to dance but shy, because you dont know how to? What are you waiting for? Come join ER2 and unleash your potential to dance and have fun at the same time.

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