Beyond The Classroom

Samarpan- An NGO

ER2 has adopted a NGO known as Samarpan. It works for the betterment of the underprivileged children. Educational, Creative and various activities are conducted for these children at ER2 Academy. Interactive learning sessions, personality development and the right values of life are incorporated in these children.  Samarpan aims to give these children a better tomorrow.


Bal Bhavan- An Orphanage

Bal Bhavan, a girl’s orphanage has 160 students residing and studying at the orphanage. The orphanage is well equipped with all the basic necessities of life. Girls from various age groups live under the same roof as one big family. From time to time Picnics, Christmas and New Year Parties are organized by us to make these special days as memorable moments for these kids. Delicious meals and with gifts add up to the excitement of these parties. The whole atmosphere is so full of warmth and affection, spreading happiness beyond words. 

The love & respect showered by these loving kids will keep our association with this orphanage a lifelong bond.


Jeevan Asha- An Old Age Home

The building just adjacent to Bal Bhavan is Jeevan Asha, an old age home.  The people who stay there are very old & fragile , struggling & fighting with the diseases & trying to cope up with different kinds of problems related to old age. But nevertheless we always find them smiling and in high spirits. They love when people visit them and entertain them with their jokes & humorous statements. They feel relaxed and enjoy every bit of it, forgetting all their worries & pains. They shower each one who visits them with their blessings, a gift so pure so genuine. ER2 has been supplying medical aides to them from time to time and will always continue to be part of this organization and be as supportive as ever in spreading love & affection to all.



ER2 annually organizes a dance show where in the regular students along with children from other NGOs are given a platform to showcase their talents and skills. Down to Earth, Sona Sarovar Trust, Taksheel Foundation and Angel Xpress are NGOs who participate in these stage shows. This show help the kid to boost their self confidence and morale, build up a positive approach towards life, build confidence and makes them more communicative, sociable & optimistic. Each group presents 2 – 3 performances, a show which can take your breath away. 

ER2 Academy

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